June 21st is fast approaching, but we're still no closer to knowing whether or not the planned easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions will go ahead. The reopening was previously scheduled for Monday June 21st, however, this date is in doubt and could be delayed a couple of weeks. Scientists have called for step four in the Roadmap to be delayed by a few weeks due to the rising number of cases of the Indian COVID variant in the UK, which is more transmissible than previous variants. This is a crucial decision for all those businesses that haven't been allowed to open yet, some calling it a 'make or break' decision for the industry. The government has said it will give at least a weeks notice of their decision meaning an announcement will be made on Monday, June 14th.

What Restrictions have already been lifted?

A large amount of restrictions have already been lifted in the first 3 steps with social distance measures in place. This includes:

•   Indoor and Outdoor Dining

•   Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

•   Organised Indoor Adult Sport

•   Accommodation

•   Indoor and Outdoor Leisure

•   Rule of 6 or Two Households Indoors

•   30 Person Limit Outdoors

•   Some Large Events - Indoor Events: 1,000 or 50% - Outdoor Other Events: 4,000 or 50% - Outdoor Seated          Events: 10,000 or 25%

•   Domestic Overnight Stays

These restrictions will of course carry on whether Step 4 goes ahead as planned or not.

What restrictions will be lifted after Step 4?

This stage should see all remaining settings allowed to reopen, this includes:

•   All remaining business including Nightclubs.

•   No Legal Limit on Social Distancing

•   Larger events with increasing capacities

•   No legal Limit on Life Events

These restrictions are subject to review which we will find out when the announcement is made.

Essentials for your venue

Whether you are already open or waiting to open from step 4, we have all the essentials for your business.

Here is a list of some of our essentials you may need:

•    Plastic Glassware - Ideal for any outdoor dining in the hot summer weather.

•    Beer Glasses - Perfect for all year round, no matter the weather. 

•    Cocktail Glasses - Perfect for cocktails in the sun.

•    Barware - Keep up with the increase of customers flooding in with our extensive barware range.

•    Crockery - Keeping the style with the quick service. 

Keeping your venue clean and hygienic is a must, here are some cleaning essentials you may need:

•    Hand Sanitizer 

•    Social Distancing Products 

•    Forehead Thermometers 

•    General Cleaning and Hygiene Products