Bar Optics & Brackets

Bar Optics & Spirit measures are used to dispense Spirits & Wine to the desired measure. Bar Optics and Spirit measures are always Government Stamped to serve 25ml, 35ml & 50ml, for Wine the Spirit measures are available in 125ml, 175ml & 250ml measurements (all Government Stamped).

Bar Optics are also available in many different styles, along with the option of having your Bar Optics wall or shelf mounted on our Bar Optic Brackets, which are capable of holding either a 1 litre or 1.5 litre bottle for the most popular Spirits.

Bar Optics can also be used on a Bar Optic Rotary Stand for bottles up to 75cl/ 1 litre. Bar Optics are a cost-effective & stylish way of displaying all your Spirits, Bar Optics provide a quick and easy way of serving measured Spirits in a busy Bar, Restaurant or Club. Bar Optics & Spirit measures are easy to clean, maintain and bottles can be changed with ease. Here at Ascot Wholesale, we have a wide range of all Bar Optics & Spirit measure to choose from to suit your every need. Click here to shop bar equipment.