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Chip Scuttles

Chip scuttles are a popular item for maintaining an even food temperature between servings, either heated from below or above or a combination of both depending on the individual model of chip scuttle. Our counter top chip scuttles will keep fries and chips at a serving temperature for up to 20 minutes, constructed from stainless steel with removable tanks and drain plates for easy cleaning. Chip scuttles, hot chip stores or chip dumps from lincat or parry.

Our range of chip scuttles allow you to keep your chips crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Chip scuttles have always been a popular item for restaurants, as they allow you to make your chips up to 20 minutes before serving, yet still have the perfect product when served. Each of the chip scuttles in our range come with a removable drainage plate for draining fat. Plus all of these chip scuttles are made from stainless steel making them easy to clean, so If your like chips as much as we do, then our chip scuttles are the perfect product for you.