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Brandy / Cognac Glasses

Brandy Glasses are a specialised type of glassware, designed intentionally with a large shaped bowl to allow the contents of the glass to be warmed with the consumer's hand. The warming effect makes the spirits evaporate into the bowl enabling the drinker to savour the aroma and enhancing the enjoyment of the brandy. Our Brandy Glasses are available in various capacities and a choice of standard Brandy Glasses or crystal Brandy Glasses.

The body of a Brandy Glass has a wide bottom and narrow top, the large area of the glass helps to evaporate the brandy, whilst the narrow top allows the aroma to be trapped inside the glass enhancing the taste of the brandy. Brandy Glasses help you sit back and relax in our increasingly chaotic world, the aromas that are produced from brandy are enhanced due to the globular shape of these distinctive glasses, helping you to forget the chaos of work and immerse yourself in a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. If you require any further assistance please call our sales team on 01256 769990

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