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Soup Kettles

A Soup Kettle or Warmer is suitable for nearly all Pre-Heated liquid based food stuffs such as Soups, Chilli Con Carne, Curry, Porridge, Baked Beans, Mushy Peas, Stews & mulled Wine. All of which are ideal sale items especially during cold weather periods. Soup Kettles are available in two basic different types, Firstly WET WELL versions which have a removable inner lining or jacket for placing the food product into and an inner gap into which to place water that aids heat retention and promotes even heat transfer throughout the food product. This is ideal for food products that are prone to drying out quickly from constant warming. Secondly DRY WELL soup kettle versions which don’t have the built in gap for water are suitable for products that are not prone to drying out quickly such as soups.