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Salamander Grills

Salamander Grills are an essential culinary piece of equipment used mainly for the overhead grilling of steaks, fish, gammon, chops and sausages etc. salamander grills can also be used for browning food or also flash heating of dishes prior to serving. Our salamander grills are durable, powerful and easy to clean for use as a stand alone counter top or wall mounted. Supplied with a full warranty and free UK mainland delivery on all salamander grills.

For delicious, conventionally grilled food there is a salamander grill to meet your needs. Allowing you to cook your food to perfection, giving the look and taste of perfectly grilled food that customers expect from a good restaurant. With the heating elements in a salamander grill being on top and not on bottom, you eliminate the risk of flare ups from cuts of meat such as steaks dripping fat onto the heat source. A salamander grills ability to reach extreme temperatures also allows for less cooking time in comparison with other grilling methods, which is a huge benefit in a kitchen during a busy service. Choose from a comprehensive range of gas and electric models.