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Buy Hoshizaki Ice Makers Online - Ascot Wholesale

Buy Hoshizaki Ice Makers Online - Ascot Wholesale

28/08/2017 06:34 AM |

Anyone who's anyone in the world of catering has heard of Hoshizaki Ice Makers, one of the most trusted ice machine manufacturing brands in the industry. Groundbreaking design, better efficiency, longer lifespans and superior sanitation are all key features for this brand. The following article details why Hoshizaki continue to remain one of the best options available in ice makers and importantly, how you can save money by purchasing your trusted Japanese Hoshizaki ice maker online.

Why Choose Hoshizaki for Your Next Ice Maker?

Hoshizaki is a Japanese manufacturer that started life in 1947 and has built a name for itself making all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment. In 1965, Hoshizaki built Japan's first automatic ice machine and since then has expanded globally to have a significant presence in both the US and European markets. The company's excellent Japanese design has become a benchmark for ice machines the world over.

The reason many bar owners and restaurant owners choose these ice makers is because of this advanced design. This includes better hygiene and sanitation, thanks to the cold and wet areas of the machine being separate to the heat and electrical components. It's also because they are more efficient and require less maintenance, again thanks to this clever design. All Hoshizaki ice cuber machines feature the Cycle Saver design which extends the life of the machine. The unique Cycle Saver design means that a Hoshizaki Ice Machine takes 15 years to accumulate as many cycles as most competitors do in just 6 years. This means that despite a higher price label, the far longer life expectancy actually makes it a better value machine. A Hoshizaki also uses less water and less energy than most competitors, making it better for the environment and cheaper to run as well as improving your company's green credentials. Further excellent design features include easy access mechanisms for maintenance as well as less complicated controls, which are themselves located in dry areas. Many models also feature the patented H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial Agent, which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.

Why Buy Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker Online?

Online retailers can offer discounts on Hoshikazi ice makers that physical stores simply cannot match. This is because online wholesalers have lower overall costs than physical stores. Not only will you be able to secure an excellent discount when you buy online, but you will still retain your manufacturer's guarantee as well as have the choice of additional warranty from the retailer itself. Because online retailers are able to save so much in comparison to store costs, they can also pass on those savings with lower delivery charges and better managed customer service lines. A good online wholesaler will have a dedicated customer service line with knowledgeable and helpful staff at the other end.

As you can see, the excellent Hoshizaki ice machines have built an excellent reputation for very good reason and, when you buy online, you can purchase your own Hoshizaki for significantly less money.