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What Does Your Egg Cup Say About You? Find the Perfect Match.

What Does Your Egg Cup Say About You? Find the Perfect Match.

29/09/2016 12:57 PM |

There are so many sophisticated, innovative and stylish kitchen utensils on the market now (and we aren’t complaining!), but sometimes it’s a relief to find a cute and quirky kitchen accessory hidden away ready for use when you really need it. For example, egg cups. More specifically, little egg cup pails- they’re rustic, original and adorable. When you’re really craving some eggy soldiers, make sure that you have a cute egg cup tucked away to brighten your morning or surprise your guests.


Contender No.1: The ‘I Know What I’m Here For’ Egg Cup


These little “EGGS” egg cup pails are quite simple yet have a definite rustic look, perfect for a traditional kitchen. The cream colour would be great combined with a curved wooden board, for instance our Olive Wood Rustic Platter, serving some seeded brown bread with a perfectly boiled egg.


The above “EGGS” holders also come in assorted pastel colours, for a more summery feel. Check them out here.

Contender No.2: The ‘I know Where I Came From’ Egg Cup


Our Blue Hen Egg Cups come in the same farm-like packaging, making them the perfect gift for any animal lover. The intricate hen designs add a lot of character to each egg pail, and the original design on each of them means each family member can have their own cup. We think the silvery black design on the cups would look great with these black serving buckets, holding eggy soldiers or crispy bacon.

Contender No.3: The ‘I Bought Them for the Kids’ Egg Cup


With an adorable toy design printed on each one, these colourful Childrens’ Egg Pails  are perfect for a family of youngsters. Childproof and pretty much unbreakable, we’d definitely pair these fun cups with our multicoloured napkins to keep the mess to a minimum! Too cute to resist? Pretend to buy them for the kids.

Contender No.4: The ‘FIRE BUCKET’ Egg Cup


These Fire Bucket Egg Cups are way too original to miss out on! Keep these pails up on a visible shelf to show off their bright red colour and reflective shine. Pair them with some colourful candles to keep with the theme.

Contender No.5: The ‘Yes, We Have Hats’ Egg Cup


Functional and adorable. Keep your egg warm whilst it looks super cute in its little bobble hat! These Cosy Pails are perfect for the winter months or anyone going off for a ski season, so get cosy and enjoy your boiled egg cuddled up in a fluffy blanket. We’d definitely pair these with a warm waffle and a hot chocolate, so check out our waffle makers.

Contender No.6: The ‘Full English’ Egg Cup


With their fluffy hats,  little buttons and belts, who can resist these Guardsman Egg Pails? Make sure you combine them with a full English breakfast or some eggy soldiers to keep the national theme! Make sure you’ve got a condiment set to hold the ketchup, brown sauce and maybe even the marmite!

So, which egg pail wins? It’s a hard decision, but with this many options for a quirky, stylish or rustic egg cup, you’ll never have to resort to a shot glass to serve your boiled egg!

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