Potato Ovens

Potato ovens are simple to use require little skill and low maintenance. Potato’s take approximately 1hour to cook and are baked to perfection without rotating constantly. Our range of potato ovens come in different sizes, styles and finishes to complement any catering establishment and to suit your individual needs. The King Edward potato oven has revolutionized the way food outlets of all types are now able to cook, store, display and promote jacket potatoes to their customers.

Quality and style, is and always has been a significant part of the King Edward potato ovens design, and since 1980 when they were first introduced have consistently been the best selling potato oven, selling to customers in over 40 countries As more and more people are becoming health conscious, and starting to consider what they eat, baked potatoes are becoming more and more popular. Healthy, nutritious and a large choice of fillings, makes baked potatoes a perfect choice. Our entire range of potato ovens, cook baked potatoes to perfection, with very little skill needed, and can also be used to display your potatoes whilst keeping them warm at the same time.

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