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Pint Glasses

Beer Glasses for the serving of beer, ales and lagers form our comprehensive selection of well chosen glasses for the domestic or commercial premises. The 2/3 size is perfect for anyone who doesn't want a full pint. Choosing a beer glass is generally a matter of personal taste if selected for domestic use, but many licensed premises will choose a varied selection of different shapes and sizes to cater for different types of beers.

For example a traditional handled beer mug will tend to be heavier than other beer glasses but will be easier to hold, examples of beer mugs can be found in the Brittania, Icon and Minden ranges. A pint glass for serving lagers will tend to be wider at the top of the glass and narrowing towards the bottom of the glass and will sometimes also be curved or bulged in shape; examples of this can be seen in the Nonic, Tulip and Viking ranges. Beer Glasses are also available in footed styles which are normally used for serving specialized or bottled beers examples of which can be seen in the Bonn, Cervoise and Vertige ranges. If you require any help or advice when choosing your beer glasses please feel free to contact a member of our sales team on 01256 769990.

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