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Fully Tempered Glasses

For proffesionals, breakages are an expected problem. All glasses within this category are fully tempered. The process of tempering the glass provides these products with an increased resistance to heat and mechanical shock.

Up to 5 times more resistant, Tempered glass is economical, resulting in fewer breakages (10–50 times longer lifespan), and safe, breaking into blunt fragments, to give catering professionals greater peace of mind.

Tempered products are resistant to up to a variation of 135°C, this means that all of our tempered products can be removed from an oven and plunged straight into cold water without the risk of breakage.

"Tempered" products offer unrivalled benefits that please catering professionals :

 Fewer Breakages :

A tempered glass offers up to 5 times more resistance than an untreated item. All glasses in this category offers a range of innovative materials and treatments, which significantly reduce the risk of breakage in an intensive use environment.

 Style, Elegance and Robustness :

Tempered items have an increased resistance but thickness of the glass is not increased – the finished item remains elegant and stylish.

• Safety First :

Tempered glassware is, by nature, highly shock resistant. It has been studied closely so that, when breakage occurs, it is slight and sharp edges are kept to a minimum.