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Churchill China - Vitrified

Churchill super vitrified china is one of the strongest ceramic ranges in the world, Churchill China is world famous for its great designs, multifunctional and highly versatile pieces, combined with the high durability and extremely high quality standards from design conception to delivery. Churchill china and tableware is used by some of the busiest kitchens throughout the world.

The ranges available offer the ultimate blend of presentation and performance combining simple and contemporary pieces with exceptional versatility throughout all the ranges. Churchill China is Alumina strengthened and vitrified by high temperature firing and is shaped for maximum edge chip/centre impact resistance, and where possible the products are covered by a 5 year edge chip warranty. Churchill china is extremely resistant to chemical attack from dishwashers which helps to maintain the glossy shine on the surface of the product and is also highly resistant to metal markings and scratches caused by cutlery during usage.

The entire range is also resistant to hairline cracks and the patterned ranges are highly durable to ensure that colours do not fade or dull over time. The products are also microwave and freezer safe, the products have a long lasting dishwasher performance and can withstand the rigours of increasingly more powerful industrial detergents and are fully tested to perform to 5000 dishwasher cycles. Storage efficient and comprehensibly stackable due to the fully glazed base which prevents damage to the product when stacking. The Cookware range is ovenproof to temperatures up to 180-200 degrees. When considering which chinaware to purchase you may ask yourself why should I spend more on Churchill chinaware and not purchase a cheaper alternative, at the end of the day you do get what you pay for and you simply must consider the performance of the product. At a quick glance there seems to be no difference in Churchill china when compared to cheaper alternatives but the cheaper ranges will cost you more in the long run because of excessive chips, breakages and metal marking from cutlery. The cheaper product will always be heavier and less durable, the surface will mark easier and dishwashing will erode the protective glaze in comparison to Churchill china. If you require any further information regarding Churchill products then please feel free to call a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you on 01256 769990.