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Choose your Glassware Depending on Your Preferred Drink

Choose your Glassware Depending on Your Preferred Drink

15/11/2016 04:22 AM |

To serve a drink in style and at peak flavour, you must choose your glassware wisely. Serving up wine in a pint glass or Champagne in a shot glass is unthinkable, but apart from the obvious matches, what are the best glasses for serving your favourite drinks?

Choosing the right glassware not only enhances the appearance of a drink; it also adds a certain elegance and flair to your serving style. Besides the aesthetics of selecting your glassware, certain glasses have been designed and created in order to complement the drink and its taste. Follow these simple guidelines for matching your drinks with appropriate glassware, and you'll be able to impress your friends and connoisseurs!

Wine glasses

Wine glasses come in many different sizes, but the most important aspect is the bowl shape. Red Wine: Strong bouquets traditionally require larger-bowled glasses. The larger, more exposed surface allows these heavy wines to breathe.


White Wine: Lighter, delicate wines are served in taller glasses with a narrower bowl, allowing the bouquet to concentrate.

Champagne: A tall, slender, flute-style glass is perfect for displaying the bubbles. The low, wide-rimmed Champagne glasses are less practical and easily spilled, and they make the Champagne go flat much quicker.

Port/Sherry: Port and sherry are normally served in tiny glasses because they are meant to be sipped, and glass size indicates the serving amount.

Beer Glasses

Like wine, the glass shape affects the aroma and therefore the enjoyment of the beer. In Europe, many beer glass styles exist. In the US, beer is typically served in a pilsner glass or mug. A pilsner glass is a narrow, tall glass with a wider rim that you often see in bars. These are common for lighter beers and lagers, while dark, heavy ales are more compatible with mugs or pint glasses.


Cocktail Glasses

There are so many mixed drinks and cocktail concoctions. Fortunately, most are designed to be served in a standard set of glasses.


Martini Glasses: James Bond's favourite tipple is served in one of these iconic triangular glasses.

Collins Glasses: Also known as tumblers; these tall glasses are perfect for soft drinks or any juice-based cocktail such as vodka and cranberry.

Rocks Glasses: Sometimes referred to as an "old-fashioned". These glasses are square-shaped and are mainly used for serving cocktails with a high alcohol content, such as rum and coke. They are also used for serving shots "on the rocks", as the name suggests.

Shot Glasses: Serve shots straight up in these tiny glasses or use them to measure out shots into other cocktails.

Highball Glasses: Mid-height glasses that are thin and elegant, these are generally used for a stronger mixed drink, such as a gin and tonic.

Don't forget plastic glassware for bars if you are starting out. With so many different glassware styles out there, you will have to be selective in your choices. By following these basic guidelines, you can expect your friends to thoroughly enjoy their next drink with you.