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Do you need a vast variety of plastic glasses?

Do you need a vast variety of plastic glasses?

17/11/2017 10:59 AM |

Everyone loves a party, spending time relaxing with friends and family, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and catching up on all the news and gossip. Large parties can get expensive if you have to hire extra equipment, but there are ways to reduce these costs by shopping around and planning ahead.


What do we do at parties? We let our hair down and have a few drinks. With lots of guests, this can get tricky if you don't own a large stock of glassware. The solution to this problem is to buy plastic glasses which are available in a large variety of sizes. There are several benefits to buying plastic party glasses, the main ones being that you don't get any breakages if they are knocked over, they can be washed up quickly and easily and they are reusable. So, if you are a party person and have lots of parties, buy a selection of these glasses. You can store them in the box they arrive in, so you are not using up valuable cupboard space.

What's available?

We are all different and like different things to drink, but that is not a problem, as there are various types of plastic party glasses available. Plastic pint glasses, plastic wine glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, tumblers, cocktail glasses, coffee glasses, sundae glasses and even plastic jugs are available, so there is a glass for every occasion whether it is a child's birthday party or an anniversary with adults of all ages.


The design of plastic and polycarbonate glasses has improved over the years, and they are now made of tough durable material, some of which are virtually unbreakable. Some glasses even come in colours. Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight durable material with optical clarity and high heat resistance and is an ideal material for reusable glassware. As well as the variety of plastic glasses available, there is a range of polycarbonate glasses, such as bomb shot glasses, martini glasses, balloon wine glasses and even Gatsby glasses.


Plastic glassware can be used for corporate functions in the workplace, when you need to entertain business associates or for the annual business meeting or works parties. They are always handy to have and are easily stacked and stored for reuse, whereas glasses are more difficult to store and need more attention, cleaning and polishing, and of course, there are always breakages and the possibility of someone getting a splinter of glass in their hand.


There are lots of items besides plastic glassware which can be purchased for large gatherings, such as disposable cups and plates, tablecloths and doilies all of which will make your life easier when organising an event.

At the end of the day, you'll want to provide a happy, fun occasion which will create lasting memories for yourself and your friends and family, so remove the stress and make everything work for you. Using plastic glassware is a no-brainer because they're easy to wash and stack away.