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Restaurant Hopping - The New Trend in Dining Out

Restaurant Hopping - The New Trend in Dining Out

08/04/2016 11:54 AM |

The new trend of the British dining scene may surprise you. Whether it is coined ‘restaurant hopping’, a ‘grub crawl’ or a ‘six-course date’, this new craze involves going to a different restaurant for each course.

So if you can’t decide where to go for dinner, or you and your spouse just won’t agree, why not visit a few different places? How about Spanish tapas for starters, Italian for main and a cute little ice-cream parlour to finish off your night? Why not sushi to wet your appétit, followed by a hearty steak and then a pastry from your local bakery? Many Michelin star chefs would class these combinations as a crime to fine dining, but it’s just too much fun!

Restaurant hopping has become so popular that the London Restaurant Festival offered a range of unique restaurant hopping events, from a Spanish Tapas Tour to a Cicchetti Trail. Held in October, this is a great way to sample and critique a huge variety of foods in one evening!

But why wait? Grab your friends and choose a warm summer evening to sample all manner of delicious goodies. Choose a compact neighbourhood of dining opportunities so that it’s no hassle getting from one place to another. Think of it as an edible bar crawl; don’t spend too much time at each venue! Sample some delicious French onion dumplings and then head on to your favourite Mexican to devour some sizzling fajitas.

Elegant restaurants are perfect for an extravagant desert, without the dent in your wallet after a 3 course meal. You can sample the best of the menu (a sophisticated lavender crème brulee perhaps?) and still afford a Mojito at your local cocktail bar. Just let the host know you won’t be ordering dinner and they’ll usually be happy to accommodate you.

In one evening you could create an international tastebud  journey, from China town to a French patisserie. If you can’t decide on three cuisines, just visit more! Wondering around compact cities like London, Edinburgh and Brighton will inspire you to experiment with all kinds of flavours in one evening, so why stop at 3 courses?

The choices are endless. Just make sure you prepare your body for the huge income of food coming your way! You might want to skip lunch...

Let us know what you think about this new trend...