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Understand different types of champagne glass

Understand different types of champagne glass

16/11/2017 06:29 AM |

When guests and customers order champagne, they want a celebratory experience. Whether you are celebrating a small victory in the office or a lavish milestone birthday with friends and family, champagne is a timeless classic. But serving champagne in the perfect glass is key. This effervescent drink needs room to breathe but also not so much width as to go flat. Champagne glasses are not only essential for creating the right look: they can also be crucial for the experience of the drink itself.

With the useful guide below, you can ensure that your space is well stocked with a variety of suitable glasses so that you can make the right choice for your customers every time.

Timeless Elegance

Classic champagne flutes are usually sleek and simple with a tall body and a slim stem. This perfectly serves the fresh and fizzy flavours of the drink, as well as creating an atmosphere of elegance. There are many subtle but effective variations on the classic shape, however. Some glasses taper to a more closed shape at the rim, for example. Others are wider at the base, or many ever have a tiered shape. Some classic champagne flutes may also have a traditional shape to the body but extend right down the length of the stem. This allows more champagne in the glass, reducing the need for refills, and is also an interesting twist on the classic.

Effortlessly Chic

The champagne glass is also available in a variety of textures, whether smooth, flawless glass or a textured cut-glass effect. Both can reflect the light in a dazzling way and are perfect for venues with candle light. Cut glass in particular can often create a vintage or nostalgic feel for bygone eras such as the roaring '20s or Old Hollywood. Even with no such theme, they create a strong sense of style, glamour, and luxury.

Enhancing the Experience

Some of the more modern examples of champagne glasses have been specially designed for champagne cocktails or variations. They may have a wider base and a more narrow rim, for example, to concentrate aromas given by edible flowers or flavoured syrups. If you offer a variety of champagne-based cocktails, the glasses you select can show off the flavours and fragrance to best advantage.

Fresh and Fun

Classic does not have to mean old-fashioned. If you have an exciting contemporary space, then you might consider some of the amazing new designs on offer. The classic flute has had many updates, and you might consider some of the wider designs that more closely resemble a goblet or chalice for a feel of luxury. It is also possible to add variety by giving attention to the stem. It need not be long, slim or even straight to serve its purpose. There are now a variety of elegant and eye-catching designs such as bends and zig-zigs.

Whatever the tone and atmosphere of your space, you are sure to find glass designs that will suit you and enhance your customer experience.