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An Introduction to Sophisticated Gin Glasses

An Introduction to Sophisticated Gin Glasses

14/08/2017 12:33 PM |

Gin is enjoying a boom, with hundreds of boutique distilleries opening in the past few years. This versatile spirit can be combined with a number of flavoured tonic waters for a refreshing drink, mixed with a variety of ingredients for delicious cocktails, or consumed neat. Apart from buying quality gin and mixers, the other necessary element for servinga memorable drinks is using the right gin glasses. Like packaging of an expensive gift, glasses help to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication at any convivial gathering.

Gin and tonic is an extremely popular combination, so you cannot go wrong with a set of glasses for serving this drink. A highball glass is a reliable choice for serving G&T, but the increase in popularity of gin has also led to more balloon glasses for serving G&Ts and other combinations.

A highball glass is defined as one holding from 240 ml of fluid, up to 350 ml. In Imperial measurements, this correlates to 8.4 fluid ounces up to 12.3 fluid ounces. The highball is a versatile glass that is also suitable for long drinks of all types.

Classic and Modern

The common highball glass is essentially a tumbler with high sides, but more innovative designs include etched or cut surfaces, rounded and heavy bases, sloping sides with a greater circumference at the top of the glass, glasses that lean to one side, or glasses with angled sides. For old school charm, cut crystal and straight sides might be the right choice, or select a model that is a mixture of traditional elegance, such as crystal, with a shape that is more modern. Some highball glasses are gently rounded from top to base, and others are made of glass that is lightly textured.

Enhancing Aroma

Balloon gin glasses, also known as gin goblets, are becoming more fashionable. With a gin goblet you have a receptacle that looks a little like a large wine glass and has a stem. The stem, of course, can be a great addition, as using the stem to pick up the glass ensures the drink stays colder for longer. The balloon or goblet element is available in a range of sizes, and the stem can range from slim and elegant to more solid and faceted. Gin goblets are also available with stems in a range of colours, including blue and green, that can be matched to the decor or even the drinks themselves.

The Spanish are now the biggest consumers of gin worldwide, and they prefer the balloon or Copa de Balon style glass as the large volume has room for plenty of ice (which allegedly melts slower), and the wide bowl captures the gin's aromas and enhances the tasting experience. This glass dates back several centuries to the Basque region of Spain.

Ultimately the glasses you choose for serving gin should be the ones you enjoy consuming it from. However, stylish gin glasses that complement your personal aesthetic will always provide superb taste and elegance in every way.