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Beautifully crafted gin glasses

Beautifully crafted gin glasses

20/11/2017 11:14 AM |

Gin based drinks and cocktails are a staple of any stylish gathering, and when serving premium spirits it is important to complement a sophisticated experience with elegant and practical glassware. Great gin glasses not only look good, but they enhance the flavour of the beverage, can help to control the temperature and be a pleasure from which to drink.

Always popular, gin distilleries are popping up all over the place, producing gins with different characteristics and a range of excitingly delicious botanicals. Gin can be enjoyed on its own, with classic or flavoured tonic and in a large range of tempting cocktails. Good gin should be enjoyed in a glass that combines the latest technology with sleek design.

High and mighty

The combination that most people are familiar with is the gin and tonic, and hi-ball tumblers and glasses are a classic choice for this popular tipple. A hi-ball glass or tumbler can feature straight, slightly curved or textured glass for a minimalist and streamlined appearance, or can feature a diamond cut finish for more traditional and formal appeal.

Hi-ball gin glasses generally hold around 240 ml of fluid, going up to 350 ml (comparable to 8.4 fluid ounces ranging up to 12.3 fluid ounces in Imperial measurements). A versatile glass that can also be used for other varieties of drinks and cocktails, the hi-ball is basically a high-sided tumbler, but the options available today encompass all kinds of creative features, such as etched surfaces, bases of different weights and thicknesses, and hi-balls that are angled to one side or the other. The classic proportions of the hi-ball make it easy to prepare a delicious drink.

Form and function

The Spanish are big fans of gin, and they consume more of it than anyone else in the world. They know what a good gin based drink should taste like, and usually serve their gin in a Copa de Balon, also known as a gin balloon or gin goblet. This style of glass, which looks a bit like a large, sturdy wine glass, is hundreds of years old and comes from Spain's Basque region. Spain can be a country of scorching heat, and the Spanish prefer the Copa de Balon style, as it has plenty of room for ice, which is believed to melt more slowly in the round bowl. Taste and smell work together, and this wide bowl helps to intensify the aromas of the gin's botanicals and deliver more tasting pleasure. In really steamy temperatures, you can also hold the glass by its stem, which also helps the ice melt more slowly, avoiding excessive dilution and keeping the drink colder for longer. The balloon, or bowl, is available in a variety of sizes, and the stems can be plain, fluted or even a distinctive colour to add panache.

Beautiful glasses add elegance to every occasion. With the best gin glasses, art and technology combine to elevate the drinking experience to pure joy.