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Choose the Best Variety of Champagne Glasses Online

Choose the Best Variety of Champagne Glasses Online

25/08/2017 01:03 PM |

Popping open a bottle of Champagne is one of the great joys in life. It usually signifies something worth celebrating - maybe a special birthday, an impressive anniversary or your son or daughter passing their driving test. And of course, it's long been the traditional drink of choice to toast the happy couple at many a wedding.

In order to enjoy the celebration to its best and, importantly, to enjoy this special drink then having an elegant glass to drink out of is vitally important. We really don't think the best Champagne tastes the same swigged from a cheap cup or even a builder's mug! So, which are the best Champagne glasses to choose, and where should you get them from?

Which Style?

Champagne glasses come in all shapes and sizes, but there are two main styles. The Champagne flute is the most traditional type. This is the elegant, thin and long-stemmed version you will be familiar with. Most experts believe that a flute is the best way to drink any kind of sparkling wine, because its narrow shape helps keep the bubbles in your fizz for longer as there is less surface area for the gas to escape from.

Nobody wants their Champagne to go flat, but it is worth bearing in mind that other experts think a glass with a wider drinking area is better for appreciating the flavours and aroma of Champagne.

If you are a particularly keen wine-lover, you may well want to use a Champagne glass with a wider brim and shallow bowl - these are sometimes called a coupe. Rumours have it that they were designed to resemble the shape of a certain part of Marie Antoinette's anatomy. These unfortunately, are probably unfounded.

Whichever style you prefer, one thing is for certain: glasses with long stems are better for wines which taste best served cold, because the heat from your hand will not be allowed to warm the drink inside the glass. It is for this reason that the majority of Champagne glasses have longer stems than other glasses.

The Best Choice

Here at Ascot Wholesale we have a large variety of glasses of all styles to choose from. We have a wide range available, so our impressive range of flutes and glasses will suit both your pocket and for the purpose for which you wish to use your glasses, whatever your preferences.

Our glasses can be purchased in pairs or in larger numbers, so even if you're planning a big party and need those glasses in a hurry, you won't be left wanting. We have glasses in every style conceivable, including an extensive number of traditional-looking flutes, plus some more modern versions with different shaped bowls.

Ordering online is as straight-forward as you would expect. Just browse our large collection of glasses, choose the one you like best and place your order - you can leave the rest to us, safe in the knowledge that your glasses will soon be safely be winging their way to your house or place of business.

All that then remains is to pop the corks and charge your glasses!