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Jazz up Your Parties with Quality Champagne Flutes

Jazz up Your Parties with Quality Champagne Flutes

25/08/2017 01:54 PM |

Whether celebrating a significant birthday, toasting the bride and groom, congratulating someone on passing their exams or marking a special anniversary, the drink many people choose to celebrate with is Champagne. And what better way to drink it than poured into a beautiful, elegant Champagne flute?

The traditional choice for any celebration, Champagne is a type of sparkling wine made from grapes which are grown in the Champagne region of France (hence, of course, the name). 'Proper' Champagne will have been made following certain strict rules, although the name is often used to describe many sparkling wines.

Even if your 'Champagne' is not the real deal, you should still enjoy it in style, and that means using a well-made glass which fits the bill perfectly.

You could of course, enjoy a glass or two of bubbly in any old mug or cup. There's nothing stopping you (although you may get some odd looks from your fellow guests) but, we think you'll agree, it will taste all the better in a quality glass or flute.

Which Style is Best?

Here one of the greatest, most frequently asked questions about drinking Champagne raises its head once more - which is best, Champagne glasses or Champagne flutes?

Champagne flutes are those tall, elegant, slender glasses with long stems. They come in a large variety of styles, but the basic shape remains the same. Some Champagne experts believe they enhance the taste of the drink because they keep the bubbles in the sparkling wine for longer (because the gas has less surface area to escape from).

Whether or not this is the case, many people prefer drinking sparkling wines from Champagne flutes simply because they feel the shape of the glass adds to the fun. They are certainly an elegant way to drink, being easy to hold and ideal to toast with!

Plenty of Variety

Here at Ascot Wholesale we have a wide variety of flutes to choose from. Thought they came in just one shape? Then think again - although the basic flute remains long-stemmed and narrow, we offer flutes in a number of different styles, from those with twisted stems to ones with longer, more triangular bowls. Our range include a large number of modern styles, as well as more traditional varieties.

There's sure to be a style to suit your taste - why not have a browse at our extensive selection and see which one catches your eye? With such a large number to choose from - and at prices to suit every pocket, too - we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Our flutes can be bought in pairs or in larger numbers, so you can easily gather enough to get that party off to a good start. Whether plain and simple styles or fancy, intricate designs, they're sure to wow your guests and help break the ice - whether you fill them with the most expensive Champagne or the cheapest bubbly from the local supermarket. Cheers!