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Make sure you choose the correct Wine Glass

Make sure you choose the correct Wine Glass

21/11/2017 01:45 PM |

Wine is always welcome, but fine wine can really be savoured in a glass that adds beauty, and is suited to the type of wine being consumed to enhance the tasting experience.


Elegant wine glasses in traditional shapes made of high-quality materials such as crystal never go out of style. Plus they will look incredibly elegant on your table.

Taste the difference

If you are hosting a wine tasting session then you will need glasses designed for the task that will be practical, durable and will impress all the wine connoisseurs. There are various designs of tasting glasses for wine professionals, including blind tasting glasses that will ensure palates and noses are working hard to identify grape, country and year.

Contemporary feel

Modern glasses are an impressive fusion of art and technology, so show off your great contemporary taste with the latest designs and shapes.

Savour the bouquet

Glasses with large bowls are traditionally used for serving red wines. Glasses with larger bowls increase the rate at which the wine is oxidized, and this is generally considered to be more important for red wines, which become smoother when allowed to breathe. If serving a big fruity red, such as an Australian Shiraz, then a wine glass with a generous bowl will help to enhance the aroma and flavour. More delicate reds, such as pinot noir, can be better served by a broader bowl that directs the wine towards the tip of the tongue, where its subtle flavours can be appreciated.

The white stuff

Glasses for white wine can vary a great deal, but preserve the flavour of a crisp white with a glass that has a smaller mouth.

Serious vintages

When you are embarking on the consumption of an exceptional Grand Cru, you need special glasses that are up to the occasion. Match your grand wines with grand glasses that respect the terroir and the technique that went into producing the heavenly wine.

Italian flair

Some people adore Murano glass, especially the beautiful chandeliers that can be made from it. For those who love wine, handmade Murano wine glasses are simply must-haves. Light through a handcrafted chandelier looks lovely, but light striking a superbly crafted glass holding a delicious vintage is even better.

Sturdy elegance

Some people want good looking glasses without worrying about whether too much frivolity could lead to an accident. The stemless wine glass can offer distinctively stylish contours matched with peerless stability. Wine tumblers with heavy bases are another option.

Vive La France

Pay homage to the land that has given us many great wines, with classic Fleur de Lys glasses.

Funky bass

There is no need to be bored with basic stems when there are glasses with chunky bases that add distinctive practicality.

Drinking good wine is usually rather wonderful. Make it even more wonderful with glasses that suit your style for enjoying wine to the full.