In the same way, as ice often completes a drink, no bar is ever complete without ice makers and ice machines. At Ascot Wholesale we offer a stunning range of bar equipment appliances designed to make managing the ice in your bar as efficient and hygienic as possible.

Our assortment of products covers a wide range of appliances from filters to drain pumps and ice makers from a variety of well-established brands. Some of these brands include Hoshizaki, Maidaid, Manitowoc, Polar, Prodis and Halcyon and our partnership with these brands has resulted in some incredible prices. We’re very excited to be able to work with so many household brands, bringing you the highest quality products to ensure high standards throughout. Ice plays a vital role in a bar and we’re proud to be able to offer a comprehensive selection of some of the best ice makers and machines around. Choosing the right ice maker or machine for your bar depends on the amount of ice you’re expecting to use.

For example, a 50kg/24hr ice machine will produce 2kg of ice an hour until the machine’s storage bin is full. Because of this factor, storage bin capacity is an important thing to consider when choosing your ice machine and we have a number of different sizes available. The majority of our ice machines are mains water fed, require drainage and are supplied with connection hoses and a 13amp plug.

Just some of the appliances include:

We stock the above products and more at fantastic prices. Bar equipment is essential for the smooth running of a bar, and our market-leading equipment will ensure lasting quality for you during busy stress periods. Installing your ice machine is similar to the installation of a domestic washing machine in terms of requirements. Installation can be carried out by a qualified plumber, but most manufacturers will also offer this at an additional cost. It’s recommended that you use a water filter or scale reducer with your ice-making equipment to prevent scale buildup and potential breakdown issues. Our water filters are available to purchase as an option on each of our ice makers.

When it comes to managing your ice within your bar, Ascot Wholesale is able to offer additional bar equipment products as well - we also offer ice dispensers and crushers. Dispensers are becoming increasingly popular, and our dispensers are unique in that they’re effectively mini ice machines! Lever-operated, our dispensers can dispense either ice or ice chilled water, or even both at the same time. All of our ice dispensers come with a full 2-year parts and labour warranty with free delivery to the UK on all models. Our dispensers range from floor-standing to countertop and we offer market-leading brand names here as well, including:

Along with the dispensers, we also offer ice cube moulds to help you create the perfect look for your ice, including:

Ice crushers are often hand-operated and are ideal for the preparation of cocktails and for garnishing. The ice cubes feed down through stainless steel blades before the crushed ice is ready to be collected. Most manual ice crushers feature a suction type base to hold the crusher in place on a countertop. Before choosing an ice crusher, it’s important to consider the volume of ice you require. We offer branded ice crushers including:

We stock bar equipment for restaurants, hotels, and pubs as well across London and the South East. We’re able to help you out with anything you need regarding ice makers and machines, so get in touch today. Our full, extensive list of products can be found here, giving you a huge selection of equipment to choose from. We’re also excited to be offering 20% off barware at the moment, so make sure to make the most of it while the deal is around. Our mission is to provide you with everything you need to keep your bar running efficiently.

For more information regarding our range of bar equipment, or if you have any questions about our products, get in touch with our sale support team on 01256 769990.