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Ice Crushers

Ice crushers range from hand operated where you simply turn the handle or to electric versions. These are professional and powerful Ice crushers capable of producing up 6kg/min. Simply fill with ice cubes which feed down through stainless steel crushing blades. Then simply collect the crushed ice from the storage area. Ice crushers are ideal for the preparation of cocktails in general and for garnishing.

An ice crusher is a simple device where you place ice cubes inside the unit and either switch the unit on to crush the ice or turn a handle for manual hand operated ice crushers. Most manual ice crushers will have a suction type base to hold the unit in place on a counter top. Before choosing an ice crusher it is important to consider the amount of crushed ice you require at any given time, most commercial premises will require an electric powered unit which will be capable of producing larger volumes at a greatly increased rate compared to manual and hand operated ice crushers. If you require larger volumes of crushed ice please see our Ice Flaker machines.