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The Different Types of Gastronorm Containers

The Different Types of Gastronorm Containers

21/11/2017 01:39 PM |

Gastronorm containers are ideal for food storage and cooking, which is why they are so popular in commercial kitchens. They are lightweight and sturdy and come in a variety of different sizes and designs, which makes them highly versatile. From great looks to practicality, these containers have many excellent properties. Read on to discover the five main types of container in the Gastronorm collection.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel Gastronorm container is durable, hardwearing, and comes in many different sizes. This features an attractive finish and can be used for storing foods in addition to cooking, blasting or reheating foods. These containers can also come in perforated or non-perforated designs. You can also buy spacer bars and covers from the Gastronorm stainless steel range.

Clear polycarbonate

Polycarbonate containers are dishwasher-proof and virtually indestructible, as this material never rusts or breaks. Fully stackable, these are easy to store and are lightweight for easy handling. The range includes deep containers and shallow containers to suit the shape of the products you want to store.

Rubbermaid soft lids

Rubbermaid lids are soft and will never bend, dent or rust, making them highly durable. As these are made from rubber, meaning they are silent to use, they are ideal for quiet environments in which noise is unwanted. The lids come in many different sizes to suit all containers, with the bendable construction meaning that they are easy to lift on and off quickly and silently.

High temperature polycarbonate

Polycarbonate that can withstand high temperatures is a great practical solution for commercial kitchens. Although you can store hot foods inside these Gastronorm units, they will always remain cool to the touch, making them comfortable and safe to use in all environments. These polycarbonate containers are also dishwasher-proof.

Black polycarbonate

Black polycarbonate is hardwearing, versatile, and very tough. You can store hot foods in these containers; however, they are cool to touch and can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher. The black design looks stylish and contemporary to match all kitchen items and styles.

Practical qualities of the containers

These containers are all easy to store and use, and come in a wide range of different sizes and styles to suit all kitchens. They are temperature resistant to a wide range of temperatures - simply choose the container to suit your cooking needs. The dimensions of the containers mean they are always stable and practical. They are also resistant to damage and corrosion, and do not carry odours or tastes.

Easy to clean and colour-fast, the Gastronorm containers are durable and will last a lifetime thanks to their clever design. You can choose from full, double, half, third, quarter, sixth and ninth size containers and can buy the lids and covers separately, enabling you to mix and match your perfect range of food containers. Whether you are looking for black containers, rubber lids or clear polycarbonate, Gastronorm has the ideal lightweight container or lid to suit your storage and cooking needs.