Gastronorm Containers

A versatile and contemporary system for food storage, Gastronorm containers are sturdy and extremely light-weight for easy handling and use. They can be used on ovens as well as baking trays and come in manydifferent sizes.

Gastronorm containers come in 5 main types that are as follows;

Stainless Steel Gastronorm - available in both perforated and standard options. These stainless steel Gastronom containers find maximum use when someone might be cooking, blasting, reheating or simply storing food items.

Clear PolycarbonateGastronorm – these containers are unbreakable and are dishwasher-proof for easy cleaning. Additionally, they are light-weight and so can be stacked easily.

Rubbermaid soft Gastronorm Lids - this product never suffers from dents, bends or gets rusty. Due to being made in rubber, they are noiseless when compared to metal.

High Temperature Polycarbonate Gastronorm - another practical product which is light-weight and therefore highly resistant to big impacts.

Black Polycarbonate Gastronorm - easily one the toughest containers available, they remain absolutely cool to touch and are dishwasher-proof.

Gastronorm containers are specialized, stackable, steel kitchenware that finds maximum usage within the catering industry. They come in various measurements to suit many different needs. These containers are mostly resistant to a wide range of temperature settings starting from -40 degrees to +100 degrees. Both the lids and the pans are usually microwave-friendly. They have a superior design which ensures that they remain cool even in extremes of temperature hence cool to touch and are much more usable than general metal containers. They are usually BPA-free, and made of materials that are strictly FDA compliant.

Rugged and extremely stable dimensionally, they are free from all kinds of unwanted odour and taste and are resistant against all kinds of corrosion. The optimum level of hygiene is maintained by these Gastronorm containers because of their basic design. They are also colour-fast with easy to clean surfaces and with a flexible design that accounts for easy insertion inside shelves and trays making these extremely efficient and very useful within any professional kitchen.