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Ice Machines

Ice Machines

Ice makers and machines all vary in Ice production and choosing the right machine depends on how much ice you require over a period of time. For example, a 50kg / 24hr unit produces 2 kg of ice per hour until the internal storage bin is full. Ice machine storage bins vary in size, so the storage bin capacity is an important consideration when selecting an ice machine for your premises. The majority of our Ice cube makers and ice making equipment (excluding the tabletop models) are mains water fed, require drainage and are supplied with connection hoses and a 13amp plug.

Installation of an undercounter (non-modular) ice maker is very similar to the installation of a domestic washing machine, as an ice machine will require a mains water feed, drainage outlet and a 13 amp plug. Installation can be carried out by a qualified plumber or most manufacturers will offer this service at an additional cost. It is recommended that you use a water filter or scale reducer with your ice making equipment to prevent scale build up and prevent any potential breakdown problems related to scale build up in hard water areas, Our water filters are available to purchase as an option on each ice maker in our range. We Supply all our Ice machines with a comprehensive warranty which will cover parts and labour. Parts only warranties can prove to be costly if in the event of a breakdown you have to pay for an engineers labour cost which will usually be chargeable at an hourly rate.