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Polycarbonate Glasses

Polycarbonate glasses have the ability to look just like real glasses but are far more durable. A polycarbonate glass is virtually unbreakable and can be used anywhere that you want to avoid the chance of having broken glass around. Polycarbonate is so tough it is used to make riot shields and to laminate bulletproof glass. These are ideal for nightclubs as a dropped glass won't break and pose a threat, and they can't be broken to create a potentially dangerous weapon.

Polycarbonate glasses are also ideal for use at pool parties or in a hot tub as if broken glass gets into either of them they normally have to be drained, cleaned and refilled in order to avoid any risk of damaging the pump.

Polycarbonate can be used in a glasswasher as it avoids going cloudy or hazy for around 500 washes.

Polycarbonate glasses can be used as a direct replacement to glass, and you can even get polycarbonate pint glasses that are nucleated to nurture the head on your beer.

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